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June 2012

News Round-up: Reports Indicating Rwanda is Backing Atrocities in Congo

June 08, 2012
By Catherine Larson

DR Congo: Rwanda Should Stop Aiding War Crimes Suspects via Human Rights Watch

Rwanda Army Officials Supporting Congo Rebels via Reuters

U-turn: Time for U.S., U.K. to Change Rwanda Policy via Enough

Rwanda is Backing Atrocities in the Congo via Falling Whistles


A New Book and New Website on the Way

June 01, 2012
By Catherine Larson

Hi all, I'm coming up for air again after the birth of my second son. I've been a bit of an online hermit recently, I'll admit it, but sleepless nights and days with two under two can do that to a person. Anyhow, the big news is that I have another book coming out with Thomas Nelson publishers in May 2013. This one is vastly different than As We Forgive, but flowing from the same heart and that is to glorify God by illuminating his work in the world. My new book is called Waiting in Wonder: A Devotional Journal for Expectant Moms. Here's the brief synopsis:

A miracle unfolds inside you—from the jolt of first heartbeat, to the buds of tiny fingers, to the flutter of little kicks. During pregnancy, your body nourishes this quiet miracle, but your soul also needs nourishment.  And in a very real way, you are eating for two—strengthening your own spiritual life so that you may one day strengthen the spiritual life of this child entrusted to you.   In the pages of this devotional journal, you will awaken to a deeper sense of awe for who God is and what He is doing. As you marvel more deeply in God and His handiwork, you will find space to record the overflow of your praise, as well as prayers and love notes for your little one. Nourishment for mom, a keepsake for baby—this one of a kind devotional journal, Waiting in Wonder, makes the perfect gift to give yourself or an expectant mom you know.

Exciting huh? I'm nearly done writing the book: my deadline is July 1. And as soon as I get the first draft finished I'll be turning my attention to launching a new website-- www.catherineclairelarson.com where you can follow all things related to my book writing, blog writing, and freelancing. I'm terribly impatient to get the site up and running, but for now I've got a book to finish. Just wanted to update you and any of my new Twitter followers of the latest, and what to watch for in the months ahead. Stay tuned for more on the launch of my facebook author fan page soon.