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October 2011

Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Sierra Leone

October 28, 2011
By Catherine Larson

Mark Moring in Christianity Today has an insightful piece which recently hit the web about a new film documenting the work of one man, John Caulkner and his grassroots efforts at forgiveness and reconciliation in the wake of Sierra Leone's civil war. The film entitled Fambul Tok, or literally family talk, takes its name from the bonfire discussions between perpetrators and victims. Moring points out some of the salient pieces of reconciliation missing from this process: restitution, time, and the element of faith. Moring also touches on the issue of forgetting, and whether or not it has a place in the forgiveness process. The best work I've seen on this subject is by far, The End of Memory by Miroslav Volf. You'll find a link to it and of course, to my book in the Amazon links on this page.

Machine Gun Preacher: Vigilante Justice?

October 07, 2011
By Catherine Larson

A recent trailer at the movie theater caught my attention. If you haven't heard of the upcoming film, Machine Gun Preacher, I'm sure you will soon. I'm eager to see it not only because the film unfolds against the backdrop of Sudan, but also because the main character played by Gerard Butler is a Christian trying to do the right thing. But should the right thing involve taking up arms? The film apparently raises more questions than it answers. I'm eager to see it and decide for myself, but for now, I want to point you to an interesting article about the film by my former colleague Anne Morse. Take a look at "Not My Mother's Christian Film" over at National Review Online.