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September 2011

Forgiveness and 9-11

September 09, 2011
By Catherine Larson

As the ten year anniversary of 9-11 approaches, many wonder is it time for Americans to forgive the atrocities of that day. Others shudder at the thought. Daniel Clendenin has tackled the subject over at patheos.com.

Tampa Woman Dedicates Her Life to Rwanda

September 08, 2011
By Catherine Larson

Here's a great piece about a privileged young lady from Tampa, Florida who felt called to dedicate her life to giving to the people of Rwanda. I found her story inspiring. But I was perplexed by the negative responses from some of the readers who felt Bearden should do her good works closer to home. Take a look at the comments to see how Michelle Bearden gives us a great picture of how to graciously respond when one is treated ungraciously.