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A Catalyst for Hope in Rwanda

June 02, 2009
By Catherine Larson

I'm deeply grateful to see my book spoken of so highly by Brad Lomenick, the director of the Catalyst movement. Catalyst has been a huge supporter of Rwanda over the past few years by promoting groups like Compassion International, Rwanda Clean Water, and many other great groups dedicated to improving the lives of Rwandans.

Brad and several other Catalyst leaders just returned from a trip to Rwanda, sponsored by Compassion. He speaks about some of his experiences in a recent podcast and shares a few photos on his personal blog down in the right hand corner.


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The idea of starting a non-denominational Organization came in the aftermath of the war in Rwandan Civil war, which started in 1990 and culminated with the genocide of 1994.The war devastated the country, took countless lives, left behind thousands of widows and orphans, increased poverty in a country that was already poor, and caused hunger and malnutrition to this day. The plague of HIV/AIDS worsens the situation and claims even more human lives than the war itself.

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